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Karlis M

I have had the privilege of having Josh as my teacher for many years throughout many different areas of music. It is mind blowing how much knowledge and expertise Josh has ranging from classical and jazz piano, to vocals, to electronic music, and even cinematic scoring. Josh keeps updated with the most recent in electronic plug-ins and software and has a deep understanding of of electronic music genres.  Josh is always open to questions and will always find you the best answer. His lessons in piano, vocals, electronic music, and cinematic scoring have all been highly successful for me and I encourage all to have Josh as their teacher.

Amelie U (Josh's First Student)

I’ve been taking piano lessons with Josh since I was 4 years old and during the past 12 years I have never once doubted his passion for music and his ability to make piano interesting and fun.  As Josh’s first student we both had the opportunity to observe the other develop as a teacher and as a pianist.  I can say with full confidence that Josh truly enjoys doing what he does and genuinely cares about his students. I hope to continue learning piano from him for many more years to come.

Nisa K

Josh is an amazing and enthusiastic piano and vocal teacher who has had the unique opportunity to teach three generations in our household.  Josh taught my mom and two children piano and my daughter and I vocals.  He is extraordinarily gifted and talented as a teacher and musician.  We are so grateful to have experienced his combination of skill, experience, and passion for music!

Jonah A

Josh has helped me tremendously develop my musicianship on all fronts over the past few years.  I’ll be taking his lessons and techniques with me as I study jazz piano at McGill University!