Amelie U (Josh's first student)

I’ve been taking piano lessons with Josh since I was 4 years old and during the past 12 years I have never once doubted his passion for music and his ability to make piano interesting and fun.  As Josh’s first student we both had the opportunity to observe the other develop as a teacher and as a pianist.  I can say with full confidence that Josh truly enjoys doing what he does and genuinely cares about his students. I hope to continue learning piano from him for many more years to come.

Ed R

Josh has deep knowledge of music and is a very engaging teacher. He is able to teach people of different ages at various development levels. As a result, Josh comes to our house every week to teach the entire family. His lessons have become a weekly family tradition.

Karlis M

I have had the privilege of having Josh as my teacher for many years throughout many different areas of music. It is mind blowing how much knowledge and expertise Josh has ranging from classical and jazz piano, to vocals, to electronic music, and even cinematic scoring. Josh offers the best and most recent in electronic plug ins and software and has an interest and understanding of an extremely wide variety of electronic music. Josh is always open to questions and will always find you the best answer. His lessons in piano, vocals, electronic music, and cinematic scoring have all been highly successful for me and I encourage all to have Josh as their teacher.

Nisa K

Josh is an amazing and enthusiastic piano and vocal teacher who had the unique opportunity to teach three generations in our household.  Josh taught my mom and two children piano and my daughter and I vocals.  he is extraordinarily gifted and talented as a teacher and musician.  We are so grateful to have experienced his combination of skill, experience, and passion for music!

Jordan I

Josh’s vast knowledge and experience makes him one of the top contenders in the GTA for any faction of music composition, to mixing/mastering lessons. His adaptive ability to understand the student’s learning strengths allows you to get the best lesson and knowledge for your money. No questions were ever left unanswered. I would highly recommend Josh’s services for anyone looking to excel in music knowledge, composition, and technical skills.

Stella Y

Josh is an extremely talented musician and pianist with very effective teaching methods.  I’m always amazed by how much he’s got to offer.  We not only work on piano skills, but also music theory, musicality, effective practicing, and building repertoire.  Thanks to Josh’s encouraging and fun teaching style, lessons are always enjoyable. 

Haven K

My daughter and I have both been taking lessons from Josh. I really appreciate his unique and effective teaching method. Everything we learn has practical applications and produces great results. He is very good at managing and maximizing the lesson time, and gently keeping even small children focused and on task. A musician first, he knows what it takes to write, learn and perform a song and offers valuable techniques for practising, as well as increasing technical proficiency and the ability to improvise. Always encouraging and honouring our creative endeavours and achievements, while sharing and celebrating his own, his enthusiasm for all styles of music is contagious.

May N

As a mature student, Josh made a point of connecting with me first as a person, then as a teacher.  This proved to instill a calm confidence and belief in my talent.  Josh’s unique teaching method, high education, knowledge and skill assisted in my speedy learning both practically and theoretically.  He not only encouraged me to be my best as at piano, but to continue my writing.  I am grateful.

Kristine M

As an adult taking piano lessons, the opportunity to have lessons via the internet is invaluable.  It allows me the flexibility to keep up with my lessons even when I’m at the cottage.  I started with Josh taking private lessons several years ago.  Switching from private lessons to FaceTime was an easy transition and Josh’s teaching technique is of the same high quality.  I am very pleased at how well the lessons are going and feel that as long as there is internet I’ll be able to keep up with lessons.  Thanks Josh for embracing this method of teaching!  

Nicole S

I have been taking lessons with Josh Cook for a little over a year now. Since I started taking lessons with him I have grown exponentially. He is clear, and his lessons are thorough and practical, he goes over and beyond. He has taught me audio production, mixing and mastering, sound design and composition. As well as music theory and piano. In this short time Josh assisted in getting me accepted into various music schools such as Harris Institute in Toronto. He is a terrific and experienced teacher who caters to the students needs and guides them to being the best they can be.

Patrick N

I started working with Josh around 6 months ago and it has opened doors in my singing. I have been singing in rock bands for many years and always struggled to get a tone I was satisfied with in my higher range. I’d worked with other vocal coaches in the past, but their approach didn’t seem to help. Where other vocal coaches could only tell me how my voice should sound and feel, Josh is able to give me actionable exercises that actively address the limitations of my singing. He’s able to connect classical theory and practices to the music that matters to me. He’s patient and makes the practice of singing fun. My only complaint is that I didn’t start working with him earlier. I would recommend him for anyone hoping to unlock their own musical potential.

Jonah A

Josh has helped me tremendously develop my musicianship on all fronts over the past few years.  I’ll be taking his lessons and techniques with me as I study jazz piano at McGill University!

James H

I have been working with Josh for the past year on a number of audio projects all of which have gone very well. Since I am in New York and he is in Canada I was a little concerned that the distance would hamper productivity, but the experience with Josh went very smoothly and expeditiously. Josh was extremely helpful and flexible making excellent suggestions to achieve the sound I was looking for. His fees were very competitive, the projects were always done timely and the product was professional. Josh is my go to sound engineer for my projects and look forward to collaborating on future work.