Female Magicians: Why Aren’t There More? (Mini Documentary)

This video is a 6 minute run through of some of the difficulties, complexities, history, and hardships of being a female magician. As society progresses towards a more gender-equal outlook in all of it’s subcultures and microcosms, Rosemary helps shed light on how we can take the old male-centred outlook on magic and modernize it to todays social standards. I’m very fortunate to have met Rosemary at the Sorcerer’s Safari magic camp all of those years ago, as she’s truly becoming a trailblazer in her field.
For this video, I provided the music and sound design throughout. It was great getting to work with Rosemary in the studio to help construct the exact product she was aiming for. More collaborations between myself and Rosemary may be in the works, so stay posted. To view her full youtube channel, click here.