Towards the end of summer 2018 I was working on my ‘Composition Blueprint’ form (located in my composer/sound designer page), and ran into a couple of snags.  I wasn’t able to get the spacing quite right, columns were difficult to put beside each other, and I generally wasn’t thrilled with my limited stylizing options.  Of all of the form building options, Ninja Forms got me closest to what I was looking for and had a VERY helpful team of individuals that were quick to respond, and helped me get my form into better shape.  But still, free form builders can only get you so far.

I decided to reach out to see if I might be able to create some music for them, in exchange for their Layout and Styles add-on.  As it turns out I reached out at an opportune time, as they were just about to start a new set of Youtube videos.  In exchange for creating short intro and outro theme songs for these videos (in the style of chiptune/chillwave) they offered a subscription to their Layout and Styles plug-in.

This was definitely a great deal for both parties.  Ninja Forms now had improved branding going forward with their future media projects, and a well-suited composer for any future video projects.  My benefits came in many forms.  My blueprint looked just as I wanted it to and they even helped me with some back end coding to really tidy it up perfectly.  Also, I would soon have another portfolio piece to share once their new videos were up, AND they even gave me a spotlight on their website because of my unique use of their form builder.

As of right now I have used their form builder to create a ‘Composition Blueprint’, where  a client outlines the scope of their project to help guide the beginning stages of their custom composition.  From this I can get a better understanding of their budget, timeline, aesthetic preferences, and other pertinent information.  I believe it was this use of the form that caught the attention of Ninja Forms, and lead to this SPOTLIGHT ARTICLE.  Their writer, Quay, did a fantastic job at outlining my path as an entrepreneur thus far.

Moving forward, I would also like to build one more form so that potential students can detail the sort of lessons they are looking for (piano/voice/digital music production, preferred style, lesson duration, etc.)  I know that as I build this next form, the support offered by Ninja Forms puts me in good hands and will allow me to shape the form exactly as I’d like to.

All-in-all, I would have never had the opportunity to write music for ninja forms, nor would my forms be as stylistically perfected as I’d like them to be, had I not simply reached out to the company to see if trading services would be of benefit to both parties.  They were a great team of individuals to work with, and it was an honor having the opportunity to work along side them.  Here’s hoping we will get to work together again in the future!


To learn more about Ninja Forms, check out their site HERE