With the foundational elements of the site now complete, it’s such a rewarding experience getting to reflect on the vision of the website coming to life.  Once the site is fully up and released (June 1st 2018) the aim is to get promoting it to various ad agencies in hopes to get more freelance work.  As such, having a detailed and easily navigable version of my portfolio is a very important part of the completion of this site.  Unfortunately, the desktop version of the portfolio wasn’t translating well on mobile, so I decided to have a separate mobile portfolio.  Since this button was added, I’m convinced that my musical creations and sound designs are now all ready to be viewed at a quick glance.   Having organized my song sessions, song arrangement, session templates, and folder/disk allocation over the past few years, it’s great to finally have my music better organized for those wanting to explore my catalogue.
Future Collabs: Next, I’m looking forward to recording an informational video with Craig McDonald and KC Pickett approximately 2 weeks after the site is released.  This video will help my clients understand my business process as a composer, and also when it’s important to purchase custom music vs. sifting through a licensing catalogue.


Future Additions/Improvements: At the same time this video is released, I plan on adding a massive list of musical terms that are important for ease of communication between myself and the client during the “story board” phase of a composition.  This way, if I’m explaining in detail how the music will be constructed to a client, and they are confused by any term along the way, they have a resource to be better understand the lingo most often used within my creation process.  I would also like to hire Joe Cantin again to revamp the photos used within my portfolio.  Right now I feel like the site, although being called, has too many photos of myself.  I would love to have some more elements based on graphic design to help bump up the professionalism and variety of the visuals.  Also, having had many projects in the past where I have mixed/mastered music, I was most comfortable only adding my work with the band Simcoe, as it is my most recent mix work.  That said, I’m looking forward to adding more to this page on the site, as it is currently the sparsest.  Finally, it’ll be great to add more testimonials to my Composer/Sound Designer page, as well as my Teacher page, to help further outline what I can offer as a professional in this industry.


I’m thinking it will be a good idea to add more additions to this blog series, but perhaps only one addition each year.   This site will always be evolving, so it will be great to reflect back on the process of creating this site, while also giving others insight as to how the site was created, and then managed.  There will be plenty of other blog topics along my musical journey.  Some topics I have in mind are: my education as a musician; past musical projects; future goals; business strategies; recent reads; music teaching approach and philosophy, among many others.


Feel free to comment on my blogs with what you enjoyed, think can improve, and what you would like me to blog about next.  Don’t forget to follow me on social media to keep up with my latest musical adventures!  Until the next blog…write soon!


*Home page main photo – behind the scenes