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Josh Cook is a musician and composer who is proud to call Toronto his home. Here in the city his musical talents have flourished to career highs. While educating himself at York University Josh earned his master’s degree in music composition and performed in a local band called Cool Man Cool. The band’s success earned them an opportunity to share the stage with the legendary Pharrell Williams (as N.E.R.D). Josh’s love for the studio blossomed while co-writing and producing Cool Man Cool’s first full length studio album. 

After Josh’s experience as a performing musician he began to focus on his true passion of digital composition and studio production. Josh has an extensive library of his own music, primarily within the electronic music genre, and he has worked with a number of other musicians including the local indie rock band Simcoe. 

Josh’s never-ending creativity is not something he keeps to himself. For the past decade he has been teaching music and passing on his knowledge and skills to budding musicians throughout Toronto and the GTA.

Currently Josh is focusing his talents on a career in composing for film/video. Despite Josh’s love for audio he has always been inspired by the visual arts which provides him with the unique ability to bring images to life with his sonic creations. 

If you have an interest in music, whether you’re looking to listen, learn, or procure, be sure to explore the works of Josh Cook provided here on the website. 

It’s a sound approach to a sound experience!